Is there an Unrated Version?Edit

Yes, it was released on dvd together with the theartical version. It is 20 seconds longer than the original version. Most of the Unrated Version are the graphic brutal scenes which didn't make the R-rated version. However, there is also an extra sex scene during Driving Speed, however this is quickly.

What faux trailers are shown?Edit

There are seven faux trailers shown, two of them have already been adapted into a feature length film, they were filmed back-to-back with Grindhouse.

Juan Keeris's HOLI is an ode to the slasher genre. It involves a serial killer who brutally kills Hindus during the Holi-Phagwa holiday. It involves lots of torture and decapitation and there is also a lengthy rape sequence. The faux trailer Holi almost earned Grindhouse an NC-17 rating. According to Juan Keeris, he described his interest into the Hindu culture and decided to do a faux trailer about it.

Puck van de Beek's NO GUNS FOR THE MADMEN is an action-exploitation trailer. It involves a brutal wealthy Mafia family who hires a professional hitman (portrayed by Daeg Faerch) to kill a rival gangster, but after the killing he comes after the Mafia family too. The trailer is based on several action-exploitation films released in the 70's. It includes scenes of people being shot & killed with handguns and shotguns. A feature length film was filmed back-to-back with Grindhouse.

Dominic Cartoon's DARK TOWER is an ode to the Gothic horror. It involves a cursed abandoned water tower in which people mysteriously die by presumed suicide. The tone is dark and sinister and it contains graphic depictions of hangings and stabbings.

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