R | 3 hrs 11 min | Action/ Horror.

An exploitation ode to the Grindhouse cinema's of two films directed by Puck van de Beek and Daeg Faerch. The first one is Driving Speed directed by Puck van de Beek in which a professional car-racer takes part in a brutal car race in which you have to kill your opponents while endangered by agressive hooligans and welcomed by sexy ladies. In the second film, The Evil Death, in which a spy crew has to kill zombies who have terrorised the Earth due to an apocalyptic zombie virus. Between the two movies, faux trailers are shown.


Sylvester Stallone - Speedy Gonzalo (Driving Speed segment).

Will Smith - Carlos Forgetti (The Evil Death segment).

Noomi Rapace - Zindy (Driving Speed segment).

Cilian Murphy - Ryan Georgino (The Evil Death segment)/ Richie (Driving Speed segment).

Tyler Mane - Srgt. Soller (The Evil Death segment).

Puck van de Beek - Srgt. Wilson (The Evil Death segment)/ Dillan The Bartender (Driving Speed segment).

Plot Keywords: Grindhouse/ Ode To Exploitation Genre/ Cinema/ Faux Trailers/ Horror/ Action Films.

MPAA: Rated R for strong graphic bloody violence, sexuality, nudity, grisly images and pervasive language.

Parents Guide: View content advisory for Grindhouse.

Also Known As: Faerch's and Van De Beek's Grindhouse.

Trivia for Grindhouse.

FAQ for Grindhouse.

Plot Keywords:

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