R | 2 hrs 27 min | Action/ Crime/ Comedy/ Thriller.

The film is an anthology of five loitering boys who become consumed by violence and redemption during the brutal riots in Brabant, Maaskantje.


Daeg Faerch - Richard.

Thomas Pieters - Ricky.

Adam Weisman - Garry.

William Forsythe - Robbie.

Billy Otis - Billy.

Corey Johnson - Daniel.

Plot Keywords: Loitering/ Boys/ Violence/ Redemption/ Consumement/ Brutality/ Riots/ Profanity.

MPAA: Rated R for strong violence, pervasive language, sexuality, nudity and drug use.

Parents Guide: View content advisory for New Kids.

Also Known As: New Kids: the new film by Puck van de Beek.

FAQ for New Kids.

Trivia for New Kids.

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