Puck van de Beek is an American film-director, producer, screenplay writer and occasional actor. He is most known for his hallmarks in films like violent crime, pop culture references, memorable dialogue, profuse profanity and a nonlinear storyline. He has collabrated a lot with director Juan Keeris and director/actor Daeg Faerch.


A Birthday I Would Never Forget (2000)

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004)

Grindhouse (2007)

No Guns For The Madmen (2007) (grindhouse spin-off)

New Kids (2011) (not released yet)


(all the films he directed)

Duel (1997) (executive producer + second unit assistent director + actor).

The Killing Geek (1998) (writer + executive producer + second unit assistent director + actor).

Heaven's Hell (2001) (writer).

Collegamunto (2003) (writer + executive producer).

Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark (2004) (executive producer + actor)

Saw (2005) (writer + executive producer + second unit assistent director).

Saw II: Flesh & Blood (2007) (writer + executive producer + second unit assistent director).

The Day That Light Prevailed (2009) (executive producer + actor)


Puck van de Beek's new film, New Kids which is based on two Dutch shortfilms, will be released on April 1, 2011. He says he also has plans to write a script about the Vietnam war and the aftermath which results into post-traumatic stress. He is also working on a possible sequel to Saw II: Flesh & Blood, but due to the upcoming projects he has not been able to work on it yet. He has also been asked if he would do a Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas sequel, but he has for now declined the offer.

As a writer, he wrote the script for the exploitation comedy film The Killing Geek back in 1998 which was directed by Krijn Schepers as Puck served as second unit assistent director. In 2005 he wrote and produced a remake/reinmagining of Saw which was directed by Juan Keeris. In 2007 he wrote and served as executive producer for the sequel. He also wrote the film Heaven's Hell, a romantic comedy fantasy film, but did not produce or direct. In 2003 he was involved with the production and writing of Collegamunto, a drama/crime film which served for the inspiration source of his Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

His current film, New Kids, which is based on a Dutch short film directed by the Dutch director Dick Maas.

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