R | 1 hr 34 min | Horror/ Fantasy/ Thriller/ Mystery.

An author moves to the small town where he grew up only to become involved with a series of mysterious deaths.

Directed by: Dominic Cartoon.

Tagline: From The Director Of "Carrie" Comes An Even More Scary Nailbiter Of Horror! ==


Rob Lowe - Ben Mears.

Donald Sutherland - Straker.

Ruther Hauer - Matt Burke.

Bridget Fonda - Susan Norton.

Plot Keywords: Demonic/ Horror/ Scary/ Small Town/ Mystery/ Unexplained Deaths/ People/ Satanic.

MPAA: Rated R for intense thematic material, graphic violence, strong language and sexuality/nudity.

Parents Guide: View content advisory for Salem's Lot.

Also Known As: Dominic Cartoon's Salem's Lot.

Trivia for Salem's Lot.

FAQ for Salem's Lot.

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