First Saw film to be directed by Juan Keeris.

Puck van de Beek originally wanted to direct Saw, but decided to continue as executive producer, writer and second unit assistent director because his involvement with Grindhouse.

The only returning trap scene from the original film is the Reverse Bear Trap.

Puck van de Beek immediately knew that he wanted Gerard Butler to portray Jigsaw.

First Saw film to be longer then 2 hours.

Tobin Bell (the actor that portrayed Jigsaw in the original franchise) has a cameo appearance as a CSI investigator at one of the crime scenes.

Puck van de Beek forced Keeris to change nothing on the script and keep it like the way it is.

The film was originally rated NC-17 by the MPAA, but they had to remove some of the gore to get an R-rating. The NC-17 elements are available on the Unrated Director's Cut.

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