Sex & Nudity:Edit

Sex & Nudity: 8/10.

Contains a strong amount of sexual content.

A man and a woman struggle together and rip off each other's pants while the man performs anal sex on her (off-screen) and we see the woman's buttocks. They then moan.

Two men watch porn and one of them begins masturbating in detail.

A woman tells to a man she is pregnant and a brief scene of a man riding the woman is shown graphically.

A group of men discuss another man's virginity.

A man says he "fucked over" lots of women in his life.

A man and a woman prepare to kiss passionetely, but they're interupted.

Lots of explicit sexual references and anatomical terms.

Violence & Gore:Edit

Violence & Gore: 10/10.

The entire film is very stylized, but it is done in a comedic manner. Also the violence does not happen a lot, but when it happens it is quite graphic.

- Lots of things are thrown over by kicking and punching. Quite intense. This happens often.

- A man kicks another man in the face with his hands (we see the man's bloody nose).

- A man kicks two men multiple times in the face/chest (we see the bloody bruises).

- Two men and a dog are shot & killed by a SWAT team (we see blood spurting from the wounds).

- Actual documentary footage of riots are shown (this is from a distance).

- A man accidentiately shoots a former Nazi through the head (blood sprays all over the wall).

- Lots of people are killed with machine guns (we see them being struck and fall dead).

- A man is shot through the leg (blood sprays from the wound).

- A man kills a group of other men with a truck mounted machine gun (we see blood spray but it is mostly offscreen).

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